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I offered my worldly wealth to you,

Yet my gift did not impress.

I committed my time to work your deeds,

Still my soul you did not bless.


I enslaved my body, broke its demands,

But it brought not your delight.

I stood on the corner and preached your word,

And my efforts afforded no light.


I sought out the poor and answered their need,

Still your joy lingered far, far distant.

Daily I studied your word with zeal,

Although your peace was nonexistent.


Sacrifices were my next pursuit,

Though I failed your delight to gain.

I struggled mightily to do the right,

Yet in my heart I felt but pain.


I finally stopped and searched your heart,

My soul required its purpose.

I offered you my heart, my soul, my all

And you reveled in my worship.


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