About Scott

I like to be introduced as “a lover of God, husband to one, father of five.” I am also a grandfather to five beautiful children. I think that pretty much sums up the important things in my life, the things that make life worth living every day.

I really started this blog to prepare for retirement. I’ve got a ways to go before that actually happens (a decade plus). However, I’ve never been one to have hobbies and activities beyond marriage, children, church, and work. I never seemed to have the time. Truthfully, I was scared of retiring with nothing to do other than a little traveling and visiting of the grand-kids. Over the years I have done some creative writing, things like readings for church, skits, and even a poem or two. I really enjoyed being able to express the creative (some would say “screwball”) side of myself. Then it hit me. I could write in retirement. I could write what I wanted to without having to worry about making a living at it. I could continue teaching and mentoring without having to go to work every day. How awesome is that!

I am currently a professor. And as a professor I have written a lot. Dozens of published articles for scientific journals and conferences. Even a few newsletter articles here and there as well. But that’s not the writing I want to do. I want to write creatively. I want to write without being criticized for using words without precise mathematical semantics. I want to write where words make passages flow and the sound of the word in the sentence can be as important as its meaning. I want to write to inspire, to uplift, and to just help my readers feel just a little bit better.


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