The Master Potter


  • A pottery store. Some shelves with some different  types of potter on the shelves.


  • Potter – Master creator of all pottery in the shop – dressed in potter attire
  • Two customers – just browsing in the shop

(Starts with spot on a pottery shop with a number of different pieces of pottery displayed on the shop shelves. The potter enters with a brand new creation. The potter is totally “in love” with his new creation –obviously this is his very best work.)

Potter:    (lovingly) Oh, this is magnificent. Every curve, every line, exquisitely shaped. Another masterpiece. I must find the perfect place for it.

(The potter rearranges the pieces on the shelves to find “the” place for his new work. He stands back and looks at it. It’s not quite right. He rearranges a couple of times, each time stepping back and looking at it. Then, finally, he finds the perfect place.)

Potter:    Ah, perfection!

(Satisfied, the potter exits.)

(Two customers enter the shop and start browsing. They pick up different pieces, admiring them as they talk.)

One:       Look at this. Isn’t this amazing! Just look at the intricate detail on this piece.

Two:       Oh my, that is breathtaking! Why it must have taken forever to form that piece.

One:       I’m sure it must have taken millions, no billions, of years for this to become perfectly molded and decorated.

Two:       Why its just unbelievable. Say, look at this one. Can you believe the delicate balance. Why if you didn’t know better, you’d have though someone designed it this way.

One:       Its just amazing how these pieces of pottery came to be. And to think, it all started from nothing.

Two:       Well, I don’t try to understand how they formed, I let the scientists worry about that, I just like to marvel at their beauty.

One:       Well, there’s one thing for sure, there is no way any human could have ever molded such a amazing creation. Why, I could never explain it, that’s for sure.

Two:       Can you imagine how many imperfect vases had to have been created to get just one to turn out like this?

One:       It boggles the mind doesn’t it.

(Customer start to leave the shop.)

Two:       And to think that they were all created by chance.

One:       Hard to believe, isn’t it?

(After customers exit the stage, the potter returns with a new piece of pottery and finds the perfect place as he did before. When he finds the perfect place, he stands back, nods his head in approval, and exits the stage.)

(lights out)

©1996 by Greg Davis & Scott DeLoach


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